“Outing” the Genius Actor Within!

August 25, 2009

Eric McGraw, Actor, Coach

I am a genius storyteller. It is an inherent quality I’ve been blessed with. However, only after much training as an actor, years of experience, a life-long investigation of the human psyche, and a passion for self-actualization, do I offer myself as a coach, with heightened clarity of purpose.

One of the most important ingredients of “genius storytelling” is compassionate objectivity. Unfortunately, for the sensitive spirit of an artist/actor, (as well as for most people) this can seem an impossible feat, as we are ever only capable of perceiving the world around us based upon our own personal “stories” (i.e., our projections, assumptions, fears, doubts, unconscious habits, dramas, etc).

As a teacher and coach of the art of storytelling through acting, with the use of specialized skills and experiential learning processes, I gently guide students through a learning curve that begins with developing finesse for being fully and lovingly present with one’s personal story (what is happening in the performer’s inner world at any given moment). This compassionate objectivity of self creates “open space” within the performer, allowing inspiration to flow, for the purpose of telling other stories with compassion, honesty, and insight. This ability generates a “transformative” quality in the work, resulting in especially powerful performances.

It is my personal experience that this process not only evokes genius storytelling, but has impact far beyond the stage or screen, fostering confidence, balance, and joyful authenticity of self-expression in all areas of the life of the artist.

Please contact me at  ericmcgraw.actor@gmail.com, or leave a reply below,  for more information on classes and individual acting coaching.

Thank you, and I look forward to witnessing your awakening to the genius storyteller within you!

Namaste!     -Eric McGraw